“Daughters of Destiny” – A tale of Shanthi Bhavan 
In conversation with Suzanne Cale Young 

Founded in 1997 by Dr.George, Shanthi Bhavan is a vision for alleviating poor and underprivileged children in India. The organisation carries out several other initiatives dedicated to poverty alleviation, livelihood/income generation, education, health and empowerment of women such as: community development projects in housing, vocational training and much more. Known for their educational programme for underprivileged kids, they have the touching stories of lives of these innocent kids documented on: “Daughters of Destiny” on Netflix. 

In conversation with us in this podcast is Suzanne Cale Young, who is the Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Shanthi Bhavan. Suzanne is a vibrant and enthusiastic storyteller, who has brought life to our podcast in this episode. With a BA in Broadcast Journalism Suzanne worked her initial years as a newscaster and later transitioned to the non-profit arena. In this podcast, she shares her view on the situation of deprived children in India and how Shanthi Bhavan is helping in change their lives. This episode is a rollercoaster of emotions that will take you to experience the plight of innocent lives in India. So, sit back and enjoy!

Click the link below to listen to our podcast:
“Daughters of Destiny” – A tale of Shanthi Bhavan In conversation with Suzanne Cale Young

 Do listen to this interesting podcast episode and check out our article on Shanthi Bhavan here: https://www.dirk-raguse.de/blog/shanthi-bhavan-–-a-noteworthy-children´s-project-in-india.html

 If you think you can help contribute to the noble work of Shanthi Bhavan, do not forget to reach out: https://www.shantibhavanchildren.org


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