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Innovation Lab is an interesting digitization company founded in Denmark by stalwarts Mr. Preben Mejer and Mr. Mads Thimmer, which - through its talks, articles, workshops, seminars and projects - guides organisations in accessing opportunities, short comings in relation to their business, helps in organizational development and building future business. The combination of business understanding, user insights and technological visions are the fundamental characteristics of Innovation Lab. 

The company promotes a bottoms up approach of working and has resorted to innovative changes since 2012. The company talks about becoming an organism rather than an organisation, which has promoted flexibility, agility and improved customer response. Today’s Innovation Lab is a holding company with a lot of autonomous subsidiaries beneath, in which all the activities take place. These subsidiaries are termed as “micro-companies” -rooted in different interests, new technologies, organizational development, digitalization and facilitating innovation. In this way, customised solutions can be provided to specific challenges in different competencies for the client.

 Although a small company with 35 employees, spread over 4 countries in Europe and USA, the company boasts magnificent giants as international clients, such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Microsoft, HP and Mars as well as proud Nordic brands such as Statoil, DNB, IKEA, Vestas, LEGO, B&O and the A.P. Moller Maersk Group.

 Innovation Lab is a limited company, that appears in the national dailies on a regular basis and provides amicable solutions to companies and organisations. The strength of the company rests on a foundation of comprehensive knowledge, a flair for dissemination and a capacity for innovation. The company organises over 300 talks and webinars to companies and individuals on various topics of business interests. They strategise businesses plans and help to develop and analyse business unconventionally. In addition to strategies, they facilitate prototype building and digitise the process. This makes them unconventional and service-oriented. In addition to service-based solutions, they are strong in areas of IoT and develop strong business products for the market.

From digitization to business building, Innovation Lab is an unconventional firm that cater tailor solutions to clients and customers covering various bases. The importance of digitization stays a prime focus in most cases. The strong clientele is an indication of the quality of work delivered by them. The varied talks accessible through their website is an added bonus to the audience wanting to know the company better.  If you’re a company seeking business solutions or wanting to strategize your business, rethinking your business model, you should consider Innovation Lab.

If you are interested to know more, visit their website and register to their seminars.


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