Education & Training companies in the spotlight/Today: “Gedankensprint”

Gedankensprint does justice to its name: Headed by two formidable female entrepreneurs, Ms.Madeleine Zimmer and Ms.Ariane Wagner, Gedankensprint offers compact trainings and workshops in the field of marketing, social media and creativity, that enable participants to immediately apply new skills in their daily work. The company has been founded in 2019 and is based in the Rhine area near Koblenz. In an era where smart marketing is the key to success, it is a delight that Gedankensprint is providing insights that aid entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

The company runs on the notion of imparting knowledge and guiding professionals to enhance their potential for a successful future. The entrepreneurs talk passionately about their trainings and can draw on years of professional expertness and experience in marketing. Talking of the expertise of these brilliant women: Ms.Madeleine Zimmer qualified in Professional Marketing and is a personal & business coach in training. Ms.Ariane Wagner holds a degree in Media Management and both of them are qualified trainers.  

As a prelude to what the company has to offer, you can find very engaging content on their website. From the very design of the website one can see the perfectionists that they are. They have an insightful blog which covers wide array of topics. We find the topics very relatable and of current relevance as they talk about social media marketing and how to use it as a powerful tool while also touching on the aspects of creativity and intelligent business.

The company deems that endless theoretical lectures are not effective, so they offer compact one day training courses, realistically capturing the attention span of an individual, and allowing participants to practically apply what they learn. They also offer customized workshops and consultations to provide individual solutions and cater to specific problems. The seminars are based on a wide variety of topics related to Marketing – from social media, social selling to creativity and business intelligence. In times of Covid19, they have also resorted to online training programs to inspire you and keep you motivated.

Speaking of a company that sells the idea of viable marketing: Gedankensprint has a strong social media presence itself, with social media posts and content that adds value for their followers. Intrigued by the company and the women behind it, we decided to interview them and find out more about the company, their strategies, and ideologies. The interview with Ms.Ariane Wagner will give you an insight on developments and trends in marketing and how to successfully reach the idea/product to the customer. In addition the interview paints a vivid picture of the company Gedankensprint, the people behind it, their take on viable marketing and also some tips for entrepreneurs and professionals.

Go ahead and read our interview with Ariane Wagner by clicking on the following link:

You can also read and learn more about Gedankensprint from their website:


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