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 The International Leadership Association (ILA) is one of the largest international organisations dedicated to advocating leadership in theory and practice. It brings together professionals from every sector, discipline and profession across the globe to produce rigorous research, cultivate a deeper understanding of the world and generate new insights into how to exercise effective leadership.

By holding spaces for exploration and discourse, ILA fills in as a chief hotspot for leadership related assets. Through ILA’s networks, conferences, online materials and publications, they share their learning, seeding the possibilities for individual, community, and global change.

The vast global community also facilitates communicating and interacting with fellow members across the world,which enables people to grow multi-folds. They organise webinars, seminars and colloquiums on varied topics for its audience to share their ideas and learnings.

The ILA recognizes the achievements of those active in the field of leadership with the following awards: The Lifetime Achievement Award honours individuals, who have contributed in significant and diverse ways to the field of leadership studies. Besides, the organisation also awards individual or group’s leadership through a Distinguished Leadership Award, students through cash awards and awards to women excelling in leadership.

In addition to events and webinars organised by the company, they have a podcast platform and blog, which are engaging and captivating. The podcasts, which speaks about practical wisdom for leaders, Global Leadership episodes and a series of episodes within the Leadership Educator Podcast is one among the top rated podcasts.

The ILA’s blog launched in March 2020 amid a world struggling to make sense of the pandemic, racial inequality, and challenges to democracy. Bloggers include authors from 12 countries spanning 5 continents, who apply their leadership knowledge and practical wisdom to inform and inspire a better world.

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