PODCAST-CHECK: Reconnection Ecology by Susan B. Eirich

In her unique approach to global conservation, founder of Earthfire Institute, Susan B. Eirich, Ph.D. shares transformational tales of people connecting deeply with nature to bring us into a personal relationship with the living world. Earthfire Institute is named after one of the original wolf pups Susan nurtured.

The Earthfire lies on the southern end of the 2,000-mile Yellowstone to wildlife corridor, one of the last best mountain corridors in the world, on which thousands of species depend. Susan explains the beauty of the place and also adds, that the goal is to protect as much of the corridor surrounding Earthfire as possible and to engage others near and far in conservation efforts to protect wildlands and wildlife corridors. A number of animals from wolfs to bears are nurtured here and the goal is to protect them in their natural habitat.

Disconnection from nature is at the root of all of our difficulties, says Susan. When we connect deeply with other living beings, we begin to understand the interconnected relationships among our Earth’s ecosystems and make better choices about how we consume natural resources. It’s hard to destroy something we love, something that nurtures, heals, and sustains us. Understanding that so many of our human and environmental ills stem from deep dissociation, Susan developed Reconnection Ecology, an ecopsychology and spiritual ecology perspective, that blends nature and human psychology.

At Earthfire, individuals are welcome to explore their connection with nature. Retreats from 2 hours to several days can be organised. The practice of awakening our bonds to nature in order to spur both individual and collective change is the purpose of these retreats. Meaningful experiences in nature can lead to profound changes in our worldview and behaviours, which integrates a purpose of our life and livelihood.
If we open ourselves to connecting deeply with the natural world, including with other species, those experiences can transform us, not just intellectually, but also emotionally, philosophically, even spiritually, bringing a wholesome development. Susan says, it would be a touching experience and one must come over to experience for the animals over seeing this as a purpose of entertainment.
Her sacred and life-affirming stories bring us into open-hearted connection with wild animals and offer a pathway to healing the trauma that humans, animals, and our Earth are currently experiencing.

The need to expand our definition of community to truly include all life and reach back to our wild origins is the basis of Susan’s brainchild, an approach to conservation that is urgently needed during these times of environmental crisis. It is also an alleviating experience to everyone who visits them; you learn the way of sustainable life, that brings in greater purpose to your being.

If you want to experience this, Susan says you must be committed to contribute to conservation in any possible magnitude. Take a look if it interests you:

You can listen to this podcast and more on similar topic, with the wonderful host Ted Flanigan, on his show Flanigan’s eco-logic on google or apple podcast. 


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