PODCAST CHECK - The Selling point - "What it takes to be a Thrasher"

It is not very rare that you are bored and want to hear to some light-hearted yet thought kindling. And if you are in no mood to browse through, you turn to GOOGLE for the suggestions. And so did we. Google podcast is a great platform with contents that interests every person. It is very rare that you would not find something that you like. We stumbled upon a fun, informative podcast by the Thrasio group. The channel on the podcast is called The Selling Point.

Thrasio is a marketing group targeted to market business ideas, scale them up, optimize and make them profitable. They usually target Amazon business ventures, and also anything beyond. In this article we review their latest podcast called What it takes to be a Thrasher , which talks about how the nature of recruiting has changed in these Covid times.

Hosts Mike, Ali and Yonny who are a part of Thrasio, interview Ms. Hannah McLaughlin, who is a part of the Recruiting team at Thrasio. This episode speaks more about work culture, bonding and is more in the lines of friendly admiration towards each other's work, which is why you feel like listening to more it. But if you are looking only for some serious content, this might not be the one for you.

While questioned about various things that have changed around the recruiting process during Covid, Ms. Hannah says, it's quite weird that you don't see the actual person before you, and you cannot greet each other face to face. But things are well. Remote work is not bad in these times. We don't need to commute to office and worry about if the board room is free! While the consideration of intangibles is the same as before and nothing has really changed.

While Covid has got in a lot of lay-offs, many people are starting to fish for their own businesses, which means that Thrasio is taking the upward curve. The recruiting team is fishing for good talents and majorly through Linkedin profiles. The first level of filtering happens with the Linkedin profile, and then followed by a number of interviews with the recruiting team. But very often they come across people who do not do their homeworks and have no clue about what the company does: quoting reasons that they did not find information on the internet. It is a giveaway that they did not put in efforts. In such cases, the recruiters only think of how palatable they can make the rejection.

Talking about rejections, Ms Hannah says that it is the hardest things to do. It is a hard balance and she tries to keep things positive. She tries to give enough information about the company, other offers, and different things. But she still feels that it is hard to maintain the balance and keep things positive. Thus, the hardest part of the job is finding the right people who fit in. Sometimes, Linkedin does not offer you what you are looking for and you need to find creative ways to pool in the right people.

Ms. Hannah shares her first interview experience where she was given the wrong address and how she almost does not make it to the interview. The host also share their first impression on meeting her and share some inside stories which makes you smile. They make you feel like you are one among them, and this is a good thing.

Ms. Hannah tells us that the location of company does not matter during Covid. Managers and higher-ups are now open to remote work and do not mind employees working from another city / state. And due to this reason, more people are applying. This increases the pool size, and you can get more talents to suit your interest. While it is nice to hire people, she tells us that it is the hardest to remove people from the jobs. Nobody wants to be the bad guy who gives the news about layoffs. But it's a bitter-sweet thing that one has to deal with.

When questioned about how and why she invests in people, Ms. Hannah cites the example of job interviews. For instance, if there are 10 people being interviewed for a job, she has to interview all of them, run the background checks. She has a simple answer and says I care about people. Well it definitely is a prerequisite to this job!

The hosts also took up some questions from the audience on how to deal with stress during these times, where they all unanimously said that one has to keep motivated, there can be off days but, that will and should not define you. At all given points in time, we must keep healthy which is of at most priority.

There was one last interesting thing that Ms. Hannah shared: She said, when she wants to know about the person she is interviewing, she always poses them with this question: If you have multiple job offers, what would be the top 3 things you 'd consider to choose between them? The hosts give different answers: Location, nature of work, people, remuneration, benefits, choose what you love doing, balance between work and other things. She only responds to this by saying that there is no right and wrong answer, but it helps us know more about the person.

As a conclusion to the topic, Covid has showed us our lives in a different light. Recruiting has changed, but for the good. Things have gotten simpler. It is easy to apply for jobs, attend interviews and work from home. You will definitely find something that suits your skill. You have to be good at what you do, there is no place for mediocrity! If you liked the review of this, you could find more of these podcasts on google podcast in the channel of The Selling point.




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